Dio Great Chat Session
June 5, 1999
For those lucky fan club members who were fortunate enough to participate, Ronnie was on hand for another great chat session. Here are a few images snapped from the session held on June 5, 1999.

Although these images might appear on other web sites, just remember, they started here...

The chat session "log" was posted in the chat area, so take a look there too.

Ronnie and Craig



Session Start: Sat Jun 05 10:45:01 1999

*** Now talking in #ronniejamesdio

#ronniejamesdio created on Sat Jun 05 10:47:08

<PatsyRocks> hey there

<MikeK> Hey you

<PatsyRocks> We are the first in line this time

<PatsyRocks> LOL

*** tigger ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<MikeK> LOL

<MikeK> Hey Vicki

<tigger> Hi guys

<PatsyRocks> WB Tigger

<PatsyRocks> Hi there

<tigger> how are you Patsy

*** kenneth228 ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

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<tigger> Hi kenneth22k8 and seib

*** seib is now known as Arakula

<Qrusher> there we go

<tigger> Hi Daiel

<tigger> Daniel

<Arakula> Hi tigger!

*** rockgurl ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<Qrusher> hi vic,i

<tigger> I've got to cut these nails

<Qrusher> vicki

<Qrusher> hi arakula

<kenneth228> made it

<Qrusher> wb rockgurl

<tigger> Hi Arakula and rockgurl

<rockgurl> Are we getting there?

* Qrusher is listening to Dio - (Dream Evil) - Dream Evil

<tigger> getting there soon

<Arakula> Hi y'all!

<rockgurl> Hey! I'm listening to Dream Evil too!  Most appropriate!

<tigger> Arakula have we ever chatted?

<Qrusher> rockgurl- yep! :)

<MikeK> <<Listening to Inferno - Live

<kenneth228> Who's the pretty young lady in the picture?

<rockgurl> :0)

<Qrusher> im listening to my mp3 cds

<Arakula> Yes... in my other incarnation as seib (now off to Inferno ;->)

<PatsyRocks> yeah, I have to put some music on here

<tigger> ok

*** terry ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<PatsyRocks> thanks for reminding me

<tigger> Hi Terry

<Arakula> listening to Breathless right now...

<Qrusher> Patsy- put on Dream Evil

*** genie ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

*** genie sets mode: +o genie

<Qrusher> wb Terry

<Qrusher> wb genie

<tigger> hey Terry I owe you a thank you

<tigger> Hi genie

<rockgurl> Hey....we should ALL put on Dream Evil at the same time!

<terry> hi all!!! again

<tigger> thanks for the CD that you and Egon worked on for me

<terry> U R VERY Welcome!!!

<Qrusher> i have it on

<genie> this is where Ronnie and Craig will chat live

<tigger> it sure did help with my depression

<rockgurl> Where's Egon? Is he coming?

<terry> glad to have helped you out

<genie> Everyone KNOWS THE CHAT RULES???

<tigger> Egon is the sweetest person

<tigger> yep

<rockgurl> He's a good friend

<MikeK> yep

<tigger> yes he is

<rockgurl> sure do

<rockgurl> so where is he? He can't miss this

<tigger> he's agreed to read part of the book I've been writing

*** tapio ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<PatsyRocks> Hey Tapio

<terry> tigger....I have reworked that MOTSM and it is on one of the next DDT sets as a bonus

<kenneth228> l

<MikeK> wb Tapio

<tigger> I know I can trust him to be honest about it

<tapio> so this is the right room?

<tigger> Hi Tapio

<tapio> hi all ;)

<PatsyRocks> yep, this is the right place

<tigger> cool

<rockgurl> Hi Tapio...nice to meet you at last

*** dionut ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<PatsyRocks> Hi again Genady

<MikeK> Hi Genady!

<PatsyRocks> :)

<tigger> Hi Genady

<terry> I sure hope the board does NOT crash again....like last time :-(

<tigger> How are you?

<terry> Hi GENADY!!!

<tigger> really that scared me

<dionut> Hi guys is party started yet?

<tigger> LOL:

*** Qrusher has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)

<tigger> not yet


<rockgurl> Yeah....who brought the beer?

<tigger> LOL


<rockgurl> WE WANT RONNIE!

<tigger> hey I've got whiskey

<tapio> hi genie ;)

<tigger> but it's for night use so I can get some rest

<PatsyRocks> I want to keep all my wits about me for this


<rockgurl> That's your excuse Tigger!


<tigger> LOL

<dionut> Terry did you finish earlt years yet?

<tigger> yeah that's it  LOL

<terry> yea and it has been sent out


*** silverniji ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<tigger> again

<rockgurl> Changed to what genie?

<PatsyRocks> again??

<PatsyRocks> changed to where now?

<PatsyRocks> I must have missed that one

<rockgurl> Not again!

<dionut> do you have any copies left I need it!

<PatsyRocks> LOL

<terry> where do we go???


*** Qrusher ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<rockgurl> AAaaaarrrgh!

<terry> email me about it later

*** kenneth228 has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)

<tigger> Hi silverniji


<tigger> LOL

<dionut> ok

*** kenneth228 ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

*** terry has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)


<tigger> so sillerniji I thought I would have heard from you by now

<rockgurl> Genie...thanx again for sorting out my password so quick. Appreciate it.

*** terry ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<tigger> yep

<tigger> wb

*** rperry ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

*** rperry sets mode: +o rperry

<terry> is THIS the right room???

<tigger> yeah

<dionut> Vicky how you been I did notr chat with you for a while



<terry> KEWL!!! ***DIO RULES***

<tigger> I'm doing better


*** Qrusher1 ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<Qrusher1> goddamn isp

<rperry> Ok, Genie, I got here too.  No Gate Crashers This time???

<tigger> and I owe it to all my DIO friends

*** slazer ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<Qrusher1> gate crashers?

<dionut> Hi Tapio how you been?

<tigger> Hi slazer

<slazer> right room now?

<Qrusher1> hi slazer

<Qrusher1> yes

<Qrusher1> hi genady

<tapio> dionut, fine thans ;)

<tapio> how you can see who's behind the nick?

*** Qrusher has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)

*** Qrusher1 is now known as Qrusher

<slazer> there are still some in the other room.....may need to be informed of room change

<Qrusher> tapio- huh?

<Qrusher> he's been in here before

<terry> we ought to get about 3 questions if no more show up ;-)))

<tapio> ah

<dionut> you can not let me reloging with my Real name :)

<tigger> the girl in the pic is genie

<Qrusher> lol

*** dionut ([email protected]) has left #ronniejamesdio

<Qrusher> yep terry


*** tapio has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)

* Qrusher is listening to Dio - (Dream Evil) - I Could Have Been A Dreamer

<tigger> Hi Joey

*** tapio ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

*** wild_one ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<MikeK> Joey! Remember me?

<Qrusher> wb tapio

*** dionut ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<Qrusher> hi wild_one

<Qrusher> wb genady

<tigger> I thought I would hear from you before now

<terry> TeRRy Rockin to Last In Line!!!

*** dio_fan ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<wild_one> hi all

<tigger> Hi wild_one

<Qrusher> wb ken


*** tapio has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)

<tigger> wb Ken

<dio_fan> I did not know I was gone...but thank you!

<MikeK> Right!

<dionut> Hi Ken

<Qrusher> wild_one- do you know the rules of this chat? Its like pressroom conference

*** tapio ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<Qrusher> don't speak until he calls on you

<Qrusher> wb tapio

<wild_one> yes

*** tapio has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)

*** tapio ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<tigger> I haven't put my page up yet

*** tapio has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)

*** tapio ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio


*** tapio has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)

*** tapio ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<Qrusher> damn

<dio_fan> Thank you silverniji! I am in summer semester now!

*** tapio has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)

<Qrusher> tapios having some problems

<terry> Tapio is caught in a revolving door

<rockgurl> Yeah...well done Kn. How ya been?

*** tapio ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<dio_fan> That degree (all three) are just around the corner--LOL!

<tigger> lol

<kenneth228> don't give up tapio

*** scotclayton ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<Qrusher> stay with it tapio :)

<tigger> Hi Scot

<Qrusher> wb scoot

<Qrusher> scott

<terry> wb Scott

<MikeK> Hi Scot

<tapio> i cannot believe this

<scotclayton> Hello All. what a mess!

<tapio> they just started to work on the routers at our campus network


*** tapio has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)

<kenneth228> talk about bad timing

<MikeK> Oh man

<tigger> yes it is her

*** tapio ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<dionut> Big "HI" to everybody here from one of the greatest DIO fans in the world I saw yestoday Big JIm

*** mozart0 ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<tapio> big jim is still alive? ;)

<kenneth228> Hows Bg jim doing?

<tigger> Hi mozart0

<Qrusher> I haven't talked to Big Jim in a long time

<terry> Big Jim Rocks!!!

<MikeK> I hope you said hi to him from me

<Qrusher> like tyears

<Qrusher> wb mozart

<mozart0> Hi I fold

<MikeK> Big Jim and the Twins

<rperry> guests have arrived...

<Arakula> Hi mozart

<dionut> he is alive and all well

*** Diohead ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<mozart0> Hi

<Qrusher> hi Diohead

<dio_fan> hi DioHead ORlando!

<terry> wb Diohead!!!

* Qrusher is listening to Dio - (Dream Evil) - Sunset Superman

<tigger> Hi Diohead


<tapio> whats up with big jim these days?

<Diohead> Hello everybody!

<mozart0> As who will RJ will chat?

<dionut> Hi Diohead

<tapio> i just called the administrators here and they promised to let me to talk with ronnie in peace ;)

<terry> Hi Diohead!!!

*** jam ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<tigger> hi Jam

<Qrusher> hi jam

<tigger> how ya doing

*** ronnie ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<Diohead> Whcih are the rules?Same as the first chat?

<dionut> anybody goes to Holydiver gig today in MA?

<terry> hi jam

<jam> hey guys

<MikeK> Hi Jam

<Qrusher> do you know the rules of the chat? its pressroom conference style

<tigger> HI rONNIE

<Qrusher> Ronnie!

<tigger> rONNIE

*** Disconnected

Session Close: Sat Jun 05 11:05:42 1999


Session Start: Sat Jun 05 11:06:51 1999

*** Now talking in #ronniejamesdio

#ronniejamesdio created on Sat Jun 05 10:47:08

*** silverniji has quit IRC (QUIT: )

<Qrusher> np

<rockgurl> Aww...my name is next to Ronnie's on the list

<Qrusher> wb mike

<rperry> everyone's scarfing down a quick bite to eat right now at the stage.

*** skorzeny ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<ronnie> ronnie will be talking from this screen name shortly!!!!

<Qrusher> hi skorzeny

<holydiver> nope, tapio. [email protected]

<terry> ***DIO RULES***

<Qrusher> do you know the rules for the chat?

<skorzeny> Hi Qrusher

<tigger> good food I hope

<tapio> ok, nice to see you paul too ;)


<ronnie> rules for the chat

<rockgurl> we got 'em

*** superman ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<skorzeny> DIO DIO

<holydiver> You too tapio...thanks for all the things you do.

*** silverniji ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<tigger> Hi superman

<Qrusher> hi superman


*** Diohead has quit IRC (QUIT: )

<tigger> wb Joey


<Qrusher> wb silverniji

<superman> HI!!!


* Qrusher is listening to Dio - (Dream Evil) - All The Fools Sailed Away

<mozart0> ok

<tigger> Genie is Charlie all set

*** guess (g[email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<holydiver> I'm taking notes for the WE ROCKERS...anyone else?

<tigger> Hi guess

<dio_fan> Thank you Paul!!

<Qrusher> hi guess

<holydiver> No problem

*** Diohead ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<Qrusher> wb Diohead

<holydiver> KEN: Having hard time finding Rumbo...still working on it.

<dio_fan> LOL!

<holydiver> Wish I knew where this was...heh heh

*** dionut ([email protected]) has left #ronniejamesdio

<Qrusher> wb genady

<dio_fan> Well, I would not expect any miricles on this end--my connection just dumped me I think.

<PatsyRocks> Vicki, can you please keep track of the highest number of people in the room for me during the chat

<PatsyRocks> I cant see it from here

<dio_fan> So I am COUNTING on you my son!!!!

<holydiver> No problem...I'll get there...or should I say...we.

<genady> I still here using the web

<tigger> sure

<PatsyRocks> thanks!!!

<holydiver> LOL

<tigger> for the fist timers just remember to stay calm, wait your turn and be patient

<Qrusher> theres like 25 here now

<holydiver> fist timers??  oooohhh

<tigger> lol

<holydiver> heh heh

<holydiver> tigger: What u thinkin' 'bout, heh heh

*** superman has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)

<Qrusher> so i can't be yelling "DIO DIO DIO" throughout the whole chat?

<Qrusher> ahhh

<tigger> nope

<holydiver> ohboy!

<rockgurl> Ken...is Egon coming?

<tigger> behave or it's 10 lashes

<tigger> LOL

<Qrusher> lol


<dio_fan> I think Egon cannot make it.

<holydiver> get it out of the way early, heh

<tigger> Genie tell Charlie I said Hi

<Qrusher> i have chatted on AOL before....but it was every user for himself then

<rperry> Is everyone seeing the live pictures change periodically??

<holydiver> yep

<rockgurl> What a shame. Is he still going to the festival?

<MikeK> Yea I just see an empty chair now

<tigger> yep

<Qrusher> not me, cause my browser isn't working

<dio_fan> Yes--going to the festival for sure!

<rperry> I see that netscape isn't handling it as well as ie

<holydiver> wish i was

<kenneth228> picture changes rarely

<rockgurl> Great! I wish I could go

<dio_fan> Wish I was too!

<holydiver> ROAD TRIP

<Qrusher> Dio63 is going to see Dio in about 9 days or so

<slazer> i still see the same picture.. is that genie?

<tigger> me too :-(

<rockgurl> I'm glad Egon is going...he so wanted to see his first dio show

<holydiver> Is george from Greece here?

<rperry> pic changes rarely, cuz I have no one to take a pic of yet...

<kenneth228> Long trip

<tigger> yep

<Qrusher> is Craig there yet?

<dio_fan> Refresh should give you the new picture.

<kenneth228> I mean I saw the same picture of genie about 10 times

* Qrusher is listening to Dio - (Sacred Heart) - Hungry For Heaven

<rperry> empty chairs now, and yes Craig and Ronnie are both here.

<Qrusher> cool!

<tigger> If Wendy comes would you please tell her HI for me

<holydiver> someone needs to do the DIO hand sign...just to make sure it works, heh heh

<rperry> Don't think Wendy's gonna be here today.

<Diohead> Craig Goldy,allright!!!!!!!!!!1

<dio_fan> <Evil Eye!>

<tigger> for those who don't know tigger this is icki

<rockgurl> ask Wendy if she wants to swap! Heheheh

<MikeK> WE ROCK!

<tigger> Vicki

<kenneth228> DIO DIO

<tigger> my v isn't working right



<tigger> but I think I know most all of you

<dio_fan> I hope this room doesn't boot me again!


<Qrusher> You're Hungry for heaven!

<Diohead> Come on guys!Let's start!

<tigger> Joey do you have a scanner?

<holydiver> Since watching that Honesty vid, I've relistened to SH and AM and am so much more impressed by it after every listen

<tigger> patience

<dio_fan> Debbie, I bet you have sweat on your brow already, eh? LOL!

<tigger> LOL

<kenneth228> LOL

<rockgurl> Not only on my brow, dude!!!

<tigger> LOL

<dio_fan> LOL!

<Qrusher> oh, just hold on, you can make it happen for you, reach for the stars and knew where to fly, your Hungry for Heaven!"

<dio_fan> You are on CRAZY lady, you know that?!

<rockgurl> Hey...you know me right?

<holydiver> Hope Arkula has ???'s ready.

<tapio> is someone from the mailing list going to save the pictures? it looks like I have to manually refresh the picture so I may miss sope pics

<tapio> some even

<Qrusher> holydiver- honesty video?

<dio_fan> I am

<dio_fan> Mike are you going to log?

<MikeK> Am doing that Ken

<holydiver> BRUTAL HONESTY...the Mind Melt one

<dio_fan> Thank you sir!

<Qrusher> oh

<holydiver> how do you capture pics?

<Qrusher> i have heard those clips from ken's page, never knew there was a video

<dio_fan> the most evil images--on earth and below!

<Qrusher> i hated it, cause he bashed Rising to hell

<tapio> right click on the picture, select "save link as" ... this is with netscape, most of the browsers work just the same way

<holydiver> heh heh..."gotta turn the evil dio on".

<kenneth228> right click on them

* Qrusher is listening to Dio - (Lock up the Wolves) - Hey Angel

<dio_fan> YEah--GREAT!

<holydiver> OK thanks!

<tapio> an angel is missing from heaven tonight.. ;)

<dio_fan> I wish i had enough server space to stream vid!

<rockgurl> Oh sh*t...my pants are melting with anticipation! RONNIE!!!!

<Qrusher> lol!

<dio_fan> LOL!

<tigger> LOL

<tigger> calm down

<rockgurl> He's keeping me in suspense!

<dio_fan> ROTFLMAO!!!!

<kenneth228> thats hot

<genady> You would Ken if you talk to me:)

<tigger> pour cold water over yourself

<rockgurl> Calm down? What on earht for?

<tigger> LOL

<dio_fan> We will talk in Vegas, my good friend! We will talk

<tapio> looks like Ronnie's got the Japanese Inferno on the desk ;)

<Qrusher> cool!

<genady> oh yea

<scotclayton> Wish I had that

<Qrusher> i have the extra tracks from that one

<dio_fan> I love the little booklet that comes with it.

*** superman ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<rperry> I just shot first one of Ronnie, if you are seeing live pics now...

<tigger> wb

<dio_fan> That picture of Larry with the black eye is cool!

<tapio> hehe

<Qrusher> hi superman

<PatsyRocks> there he is!

<tapio> no pic here

<dio_fan> HA!!!!!

<PatsyRocks> :)

<tigger> YEAH!!!!

<rockgurl> Alright!


<Qrusher> RONNIE!

<dio_fan> Dio, Dio, Dio!!

<tigger> Hi Charlie I know you're there


<dio_fan> <Evil Eye!>

<Diohead> DIOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

<Qrusher> DIO!!!!

<rockgurl> RONNIE!!!!! I Love ya!!

<Qrusher> RONNIE!!!!

<tapio> hehe ;)

<PatsyRocks> Hey Ronnie, welcome back!!


*** Webmaster ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<tigger> ya got your question Patsy

<genady> Ronnie!!!

<tigger> Hi Webmaster

* Qrusher is listening to Dio - (Inferno - Last In Live) - AfterAll

<ronnie> Hi guys.   Ronnie and Craig are both here to answer your questions.   We'll be starting shortly.  Same rules as last time. Charlie

<slazer> i still see the same picture!!?

<tigger> Hi Charlie

<Qrusher> ronnie!!!  craig!!!!

<PatsyRocks> Hey Charlie, stand up so we can see you too!!

<holydiver> WB Craig!!!

<rockgurl> Welcome back Craig!!!

<tapio> slaz, press reload with shift key down

<Qrusher> wb Craig!!!!

<PatsyRocks> Yeah, it is great to have you back again

<ronnie> Arakula?

<Qrusher> loved you on Dream Evil and the SH tour

<tigger> come on Charlie let us see you

<Qrusher> its starting

<Arakula> Hi Ronnie, we're looking forward to your Austrian gig and hope we can meet you there! We'd like to know where you get the inspirations to your lyrics from?

<ronnie> From people and books, especially books about medievil times.

<ronnie> Diohead?

*** mystery ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<Diohead> Ronnie,can you give us some ideeas of what the set list is going to be on the european fest tour,Any Dream evil,Sacred heart or Lock up the wolves songs on it?Welcome back Craig!

<ronnie> It will be slightly different to the set over the last few years and will include songs from Sacred Heart.  We're saving material from Dream Evil and perhaps LUTW for our next full blown tour.

<ronnie> Craig says thanks for the Wellcome Back messages.   It's good to be back!

<ronnie> dio_fan?

<dio_fan> Welcome Back Craig! What have you been doing since you left Dio--sort of lost track of you after Ritual and Hidden In Plain Sight--what do you feel you can bring into Dio now that you have returned?rned?

<ronnie> Craig says, he's been doing some TV and writing with David Lee Roth, for his third solo album.  I hopr to take things up where we left off in Dream Evil.   Taking the music into the millennium!

<dio_fan> Thanks guys--you rock!

<ronnie> genady?

<genady> how much of the new album writen so far?

*** tigger has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)

*** tigger ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<ronnie> So far about a half is written, but remeber that this is a conceptual album.   It's difficult to list just the number of songs involved.   They must all be woven together.

<ronnie> guess?

*** tigger has quit IRC (QUIT: )

<genady> thanks can not wait for this one! and the tour

*** tigger ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<ronnie> holydiver?

<holydiver> I'd first like to thank you Ronnie for all the great times and music!  My question is: What do both of you hope to accomplish on MAGICA?  Any hints you can give us?

<guess> Are you looking forward to doing the Swedish Rock Festival with all the bands on it?

<ronnie> We hope to create a story that will be memorable and songs that accomplish the same end.   It's a difficult  undertaking and so we'tll let you be the judge of our efforts.

<holydiver> Thanks and hope to see you on stage really soon in America!!

<ronnie> jam?

<ronnie> kenneth228?

<kenneth228> Welcome back Craig..will magica feature two guitars as reported? Have you and Craig kept in touch over the years?

<ronnie> At this point NO but who knows what the future holds.   We've kept in touch on and off over the years.

<ronnie> Mikek?

<MikeK> Hi Ronnie and welcome back Craig...you both rock! I was just wondering if you will be hitting any larger venues when you hit the US and if you might incorporate some of the old stage props or even new ones? Thanks you guys are the best!

<ronnie> Much of what you suggest is dependent on the success of Magica.   If it were posiible, we would love to bring back Dean the Dragon, the Three headed Snakes and all the other trappings, but again that depends upon our success with the new undertaking.   By the way, Dean lives and rocks!

<ronnie> mozart0?

<mozart0> Did you enjoy your visit here in Argentina,Do you like my country? When you will be here again :-)?

<ronnie> I love Argentina!   The fans are great, both musically and as people.  We hope to return following the completion of our new album which should be after October.

<ronnie> mystery?

<mozart0> thanks !

<ronnie> PatsyRocks?

<PatsyRocks> Hey Ronnie and Craig.  First off, I want to say that all the fans really appreciate the time that you take to talk and meet with us in various places.  I met you this past year, and it was a real thrill for me.  You Rock!!   The fans who frequent the internet have been hoping with all their might that you guys would try to put together a New Year's Eve show, to Rock in this special year.  Are you considering it, and if so, do you have any idea wher

<mystery> Hey Ronnie   When will we see you in London again? Can't wait for the next tour. You are the Best !

<ronnie> Thanks for the compliments.   As you know, I love the people we make music for and it's thru you that we learn the right things to do, both musically and personally.   There are no plans YET for a NYE show, but I'm sure we will do one.  Hope you are there!!!

<PatsyRocks> Me Too!

<PatsyRocks> :)

<ronnie> Mystery,.  I think we may be in London a few months after the release of Magica.  At least let's hope so!

<ronnie> Qrusher?

<Qrusher> Hi Ronnie and welcome Craig! Im 17 and your #1 fan from Bakersfield,California!! I was wanting to know if there was ANY chance that you would ever play with Ritchie again?? I loved all the albums that you did with Ritchie. Also will you be playing more Rainbow songs on the next tour now that Craig is in the band? Thanks for your time! You're the Man on the Silver Mountain!

<ronnie> There are no plans for a Rainbow reunion.   As I said when asked this question before, Ritchie must be the one to want that project started again.   I think he may have waited too long to approach that particular subject because I am much, much too happy with our present situation with Craig.  There may be a chance of replacing one Rainbow song with another that we've never done before, but we're not in backward mode so our concern is DIO!!!

<ronnie> rockgurl?

<rockgurl> Hi Ronnie! Iím Debbie. I met you in London after the show at the Forum. I donít know if you remember. I want to thank you for being so kind. That night really changed my life. The show was incredible and being in the front row is something I will never forget. And also Craig - the video for All The Fools Sail Away is my favourite of all time. I am so glad to see you back. Ronnie - you are so beautiful it kills me! Will you mar

<Qrusher> thanks your time Ronnie, you rock!

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<ronnie> Yes I remember you Debbie and thanks so much for all the kind words.   All the Fools Sailed Away is also one of my favorites.   Craig says it's his favorite also.  I'll consider the prop...!

<ronnie> scotclayton?

<scotclayton> Hi RJ and Craig from Wichita, KS ! Little Ronnie James (junior) says hello - he's 22 months old now and "headbanging"! How's the Bio coming and how are the tour rehearsals going with Craig? Bring back "old memories"?

<ronnie> Hi little RJ!   Keep rocking.   The Bio is slowly coming together with one reason for it's slow processbeing the rehearsals you mentioned!  They are going fantastically well and we're all very excited about what we will have to offer you from both a live and studio perspective.

<ronnie> silverniji?


*** scotclayton has quit IRC (QUIT: )

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<ronnie> Say hello to your sister for me!   I think your suggestion is an excellent one.   We'll work on it.   Craig says Hi!   I was born in La Mesa.  I guess that's where all great people are born!! LOL.  N

<ronnie> skorzeny?

<skorzeny> Hi Ronnie, Next week you'll be playing in Dinxperlo Holland.Are you going to play tracks from Sacred Heart and Dream Evil now you have the opportunity to do so with Craig being back in the band again? Please dedicate one track to the Dutch Dio Deciples. Give us the evil eye sign if you agree. We will be there for sure!!! See you next week!!

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<ronnie> We are going to play some tracks from Sacred Heart.  None from Dream Evil at this time but the set for our next full tour will include many songs that we haven't done in years.

<ronnie> slazer?

<slazer> Hi Ronnie!! welcome back Craig!! Was it a tough decission to come back with the newly found religous path that Craig has found? will MAGICA resemble Dream Evil?thanks for the chat!!.look forward to seeing ya soon!! Rock ON!!

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<diohead> a

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<ronnie> No it was not tough.  We don't make decisions based upon anyone's religious beliefs and Craig has not tried to turn the unholy members of this band into angels!!!   Craig is a musician NOT an evangelist!   If Magica resembles DE it will only be in a very small way.   The attitude will e there but this is a completely new undertaking.   DE was not a conceptual album.   Craig says - My beliefs were set in motion when I was in eleventh grade and were the same

<ronnie> superman?

<superman> Hi Ronnie!!!! are you going to tour Alberta Canada on the Magica tour?

*** Disconnected

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<holydiver> damn!

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*** ulsio sets mode: +o ulsio

<guess> we want to see charlie

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<tapio> something happeneD?

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*** seib is now known as Arakula

<ulsio> we're back on line here...

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<mystery> Are we all back?

<skorzeny> Yes  we're back!!

<superman> Yes

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<holydiver> is that the end?...after all?>

*** ronnie ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<superman> ???

<mystery> What Happend?

*** guess has quit IRC (QUIT: )

<holydiver> got booted...like last time, I think.

*** ulsio has quit IRC (QUIT: )

<PatsyRocks> the server went down for a sec

<ronnie> We're back!   Not sure what happened but it's one of those things.  Modern technology!!!

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<holydiver> alright!

<skorzeny> great

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<tapio> hi ronnie & craig - greetings from finland! Great to see you back in Dio, Craig - quite a surprise! I'm really looking forward to meet you guys in Sweden next Sat! Ronnie, did you know that John Stillwell will be there too with Manowar? Also, how's Tubby doing? My Nero is waving his tail for Tubby here ;)

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<holydiver> If I'm not being rude, what was the deal with Tracy G leaving?

<holydiver> sorry

<tapio> made back from Moscow yes, quite a trip! see you sweden, yes ;)

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<ronnie> tigger?

<tigger> Hi Ronnie!  Many fans would like to know who the Dancer is in H & H.  We Miss & Love you! give Wendy a hug for me.  Also, Craig, marty would like to know if you still have that great moshing do and welcome backe!!

<tigger> I also hae some good news that I will send to you after this

<tigger> Nice to have you back Craig

<ronnie> The dancer is the free spirit unfettered by chains and not confined by four walls.   Noone seems to care much for those they can't control.

<tigger> sorry my v isn't always woring today

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<tigger> We miss you in TX

<superman> HI Ronnie !!Will you please tour alberta Canada on this next tour?

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<ronnie> tigger.  Craig says - Thanks for the comlpiments.  It's good to be back.  Marty - no more Palm Tree Head!!!

<tigger> LOL

<tigger> our loss

<ronnie> holydiver.   I sent the answer to your question to tapio by mistake!  Will type it again later.  Charlie

<ronnie> rainbowin the dark?

<rainbow_in_the_dark> When will we be seeing you in Seattle, we miss you . I hope to still be able to talk to you then after the show like the last two times. I have a small gift for you as well. Do you know where you will be playing?

*** diohead has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)

<ronnie> We should be in Seattle after the release of Magica, probably after October.   Love to talk to you when we return.

<ronnie> Don't know where we will be playing yet.

<rainbow_in_the_dark> Thank you...by the way my photos came out this time :)

<ronnie> Thanks for the gift, even though I haven't seen it yet.   I'm sure it's great!

<rainbow_in_the_dark> :)

<ronnie> The answer to holydiver is

<ronnie> Tracy was placed in a very difficult situation.   He had to try to be all the guitarists I've played with before and still retain his own special identity.   Unforttunately, he was never acceopterd, except for the few who understood it all, but that wasn't good enough.   We needed to reconnect with our audience and so reunited with Craig Goldy who always filled that need,

<ronnie> Tracy will always be a good friend and a musician that I have tremendous respect for.  You will hear from Tracy and his music again, and I will always be there for him.

<ronnie> Now some questions from those who wrote in - Charlie

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<ronnie> Mike Dallenger-  Of all the music that I have written and recorded, I consider H&H to be my career highlight, and I have no regrets and as of yet no unfullfilled ambitions.

<ronnie> See you in Balingen!

<ronnie> Anders - The concept of Magica is a fantasy one.  A story of good vs evil in a very unusaul setting.

<ronnie> We will definitely be back in Sweden for the Magica tour.

<ronnie> diocesan - There are NO plans for an ELF tour.   But we will definitely record some songs.   The songs will be a bit darker than the ELF material you are used to but not so dark as to cloud the message.

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<ronnie> Wolfman - I still get a great kick form performing live.   The live performance is what music is all about to me.   You can't fool the ears when you're doing it live!!!

<ronnie> The most memorable gig was with Sabbath at the LA Colliseum for 100,000 people.

<ronnie> diocesan - The cover was done by the Record Company for DIO Diamonds.

<ronnie> Vivian and I have no problems whatsoever.  We have been in touch on perhaps two occasions and no fists were involved!!!   Lets hope all the hatchets are well and truly buried!

<ronnie> One more questiion anyone?  Then it's time to finish!

<Arakula> Are there any tour videos (PAL format)planned? We'd love to get some... we only have "Time Machine" (and even our small children can sing along properly now!) We all love your music!

<tigger> who are your fav. bands

*** dj has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)

<ronnie> Yes, we will be doing a PAL and NTSC tour video probably on the next full tour.

*** rainbow_in_the_dark has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)

<Arakula> great!! thank you!

<PatsyRocks> are you considering re-releasing some of the older tee shirts and other memorabilia?


<PatsyRocks> some of our shirts have shrunken  ;)

<slazer> will Magica get better or more promotion than previous Dio albums?

<dio_fan> Take Care Ronnie! Welcome, once agian Craig!!

*** superman has quit IRC (QUIT: )

<tigger> WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

<skorzeny> You are the best Ronnie hope to see you soon!!!

<ronnie> Goodbye to all from Ronnie & Craig.   Thanks from Craig for all the kind thoughts and welcomes.  See you all soon.  Thank heavens it's over again says Charlie!!

<tapio> see you in Sweden!

<dio_fan> LOL!

<skorzeny> lol

<tapio> hehe ;)

<mystery> Thank's for your time Ronnie & Craig. Hope to see you soon. Take care. We Love Ya !   LOL  Trixie & AL

<slazer> Thanks Ronnie!! good luck to you and Craig!!!

<PatsyRocks> Thanks again for sharing your time with us. 

<tapio> Charlie - one more close-up shot of Craig for us?

<PatsyRocks> How bout one of Charlie??

<dio_fan> Evil Eye Craig--its been a LONG time!

<skorzeny> Yes charlie too!

<tigger> thanks

<tapio> thanks ;)

<tigger> and thank you Charlie

<MikeK> Thanks Craig and Ronnie!

<mystery> Charlie  Thank's a lot for all of your help  Trixie

*** dj ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<PatsyRocks> yes indeed, thanks to Charlie and Genie and all the support staff

<Arakula> KewL! Great picture!

<tigger> Ronnie your message will be sent soon

<skorzeny> This was great!!

<slazer> right  BIG thanks to charlie and the staff!!

<tigger> Patsy I feel like I need a friend right now

<PatsyRocks> LOL...well, you have about 25

<PatsyRocks> and I am here at work if you want to call

<PatsyRocks> :)

<tigger> this is serious

<PatsyRocks> call me

<tigger> VERY

<PatsyRocks> ext 173

<tigger> how

<PatsyRocks> you need to know that

<tapio> sleep isn't just a drug, this must be serious

<tigger> ok

<dio_fan> Patsy! Chatting at work AGAIN!! LOL!!

*** mystery has quit IRC (QUIT: )

<PatsyRocks> LOL..yeah, you are all so surprised by that, right??

<dio_fan> What's your bosses extension too?!

<PatsyRocks> LOL

<dio_fan> LOL!

<MikeK> LOL

<PatsyRocks> he is home, safe and happy

<PatsyRocks> LOL

<holydiver> very well organised this time around

<dio_fan> Get her with a squirrel Mike!!

*** dj has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)

<slazer> i saw the same picture the whole time..did anyone else?

<PatsyRocks> gotta run

<dio_fan> Diohead?

<PatsyRocks> bye guys

*** PatsyRocks has quit IRC (QUIT: Leaving)

<skorzeny> It was great to see Ronnie do the evil eye sign when I asked him to.

<dio_fan> Take care Patsy!

<MikeK> ;-)

<kenneth228> Thanks for the chat!!  Bye all!

<dio_fan> Are you still here Diohead?

<dio_fan> Take care Ken

<MikeK> By Kenneth

*** kenneth228 has quit IRC (QUIT: )

<dio_fan> Are you off today Mike?

<MikeK> Yea

<tapio> slazer, you should've clicked the "reload" button (perhaps with SHIFT pressed down if you use Netscape)

<MikeK> Mon-Fri now

<terry> I also saw the same pict and I am pissed that Ronnie skipped right over me from Tapio directly to Tigger

<dio_fan> He did, didn't he?

<dio_fan> Maybe confused due to that crash.

<slazer> reload? hmm.. i hit refresh in the webpage toolbar..i thought that would work

<MikeK> TeRRy I don't think they did it on purpose

<terry> yea that fucking SUX

*** terry has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)

<tigger> I wish I could visit with you

*** Qrusher ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<dio_fan> Good picture of Craig!

<tapio> great shot of Craig there!

<rperry> I put a pic of Craig up, but you might have to refresh your browser to see it properly.

<holydiver> That did suck!

<dio_fan> I think his hair looks GREAT!

<Qrusher> my computer crashed last time

<rperry> he  ALMOST smiled.

*** slazer has quit IRC (QUIT: )

<tapio> ken, just about as long hair as you have ;)

<MikeK> Great pic

<dio_fan> Yep right about there.

*** slazer ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<slazer> same pic LoL!

<holydiver> rperry: Was RJD and Craig happy with te chat?

<holydiver> Now what do i do with all the pics I captured?

<dio_fan> LOL! Treasure them!

<holydiver> heh heh

<holydiver> Anyone know where DIO is rehearsing in LA?  heh heh

<dio_fan> hehehe

<tapio> I managed to save 32 of them, probably missed a couple but I'm happy with these last two pics ;)

<holydiver> I'd give a lot to take that all in, huh?

<MikeK> I would too Paul

<dio_fan> I only got 24 ;( Must have missed a bunch.

<dio_fan> Me Too!

<slazer> good day all!! gotta work.. someone send me a pic pleeez?

<dio_fan> Take care Slaze!

<skorzeny> Bye Slazer

<holydiver> Tapio: You gonna make a trip out here during MAGICA tour?  I'd like to meet ya...we were at some of the same gigs together, but I din't know about you and the rest.

<tapio> rperry/ronnie/whoever, do you mind if I put these pics available on my pages?

*** scotclayton has quit IRC (QUIT: )

<dio_fan> Paul, we WILL get together for sure.

*** slazer has quit IRC (QUIT: )

<holydiver> Oh of that, I have no doubt!

<tapio> depends quite a lot of my budget and work situation ... if the tour coincides with the end of the year, I'll be tied to work pretty badly..

<dio_fan> I won't be able to see as many shows this time around--but will definately make one in your area.

<tapio> i'd love to come over there though!

<holydiver> Me too!

<tapio> which shows you saw there?

<holydiver> The Crossroads(what a dive) in Yucaipa..for one.

<dio_fan> Hell HOLE!!!!

<tapio> Hells angels hole if you ask me ;)

<dio_fan> LOL!

<holydiver> You know what, though?  I've seen a few more shows there and it's cool to see the Hair Bands there.  Easy to meet and so on.

<dio_fan> It was MADNESS when Dio played there!

<tapio> heh

<holydiver> I'm budgeting to go to a few MAGICA shows...so we'll see where I go.

<Qrusher> do you have to be 21+ to see the show at Yucaipa?

<holydiver> Nope.

<skorzeny> Bye everyone, it was great! see ya later

<rperry> did everyone grab this shot of Craig from the Net?

<holydiver> I don't think.

<dio_fan> Even Tapio got the hell out of the front row...hehehe, right?

<MikeK> I got it rperry

<Qrusher> cool

<dio_fan> Take care Skorzeny!

<tapio> yeah, I was afraid that the security would beat me there ;)

<holydiver> Yeah...I remember that!  I was off on Larry's side...a bit more calmer

<rperry> I will put back up the one with Ronnie and Craig together then.

<dio_fan> Yes, thank you!!

*** skorzeny has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)

<MikeK> OK thanks

<tapio> rperry, can I put these pictures available on my pages as well?

<holydiver> Did anyone have any questions that didn't get answered?  Sorry i butted in at the end but I HAD to hear what happened with Tracy G.

<holydiver> I'll post my notes to the List in a little bit.  I'm off to Mexico in a few hours for my best friends bachelor party...OHBOY!

<Qrusher> what did he say about Trac G?

<dio_fan> I look forward to reading it then Paul!

<Qrusher> at least i got my Rainbow question answered. But it kind of sucks that he doesn't really wanna do it

<MikeK> I look forward to your story about the bachelor party Paul! LOL

<holydiver> That the fans(me included) didn't receive him well and Tracy had to try and be all the previous guitarists rolled in one, and when that didn't happen...he had to leave and RJD got Craig back.

<dio_fan> LOL! Me too!!

<holydiver> Not looking forward to it, believe it or not(long story).

<tapio> did anyone log this chat by the way?

<dio_fan> Did you get it Mike?

<Qrusher> i think Mike did

<MikeK> I logged it

<Qrusher> some people didn't get their questions answered

<tapio> great ;)

<dio_fan> YES! You're the man!

<Qrusher> i think Guess was one of them(at least when i was here)

<MikeK> I think Ronnie did a nice job answering those questions. What do you think?

<tapio> i never saw guesses question myself at least

<Qrusher> it was about the Swedish Rock Festival

<dio_fan> Mike, can you send me a copy in a word format--will you be placing it up on your site? I did not plan on it, want it for myself.

<Qrusher> cause he typed it in too late and ronnie moved on to the next one

<MikeK> I would like to put it up on my site if Magi doesn't mind

<dio_fan> I think they handled the "religion" question well--can't believe someone actually brought that up!

<MikeK> I can email it in Word

<dio_fan> Thank you, sir!

*** dmd ([email protected]) has joined #ronniejamesdio

<Qrusher> Ronnie said that he doesn't want to be in backward mode, and that we should worry about DIO

<MikeK> DMD!

<MikeK> What happened?

<Qrusher> so it kind of seems like they will play more Dio songs than Rainbow....which sucks