DIO Single Song Recordings

All The Fools Sailed Away
Black (Planed As A Release But Was Cancelled)
Born On The Sun
Don't Talk To Strangers
Dream Evil
Egypt (The Chains Are On)
Evil Eyes
Hey Angel
Hide In The Rainbow
Holy Diver
Hungry For Heaven
I Speed At Night
I Could Have Been A Dreamer
Institutional Man
Jesus, Mary, & The Holy Ghost
King Of Rock & Roll
Like The Beat Of A Heart - Live
Lock Up The Wolves
Night People
One Night In The City
Rainbow In The Dark
Rock & Roll Children
Sacred Heart
Stand Up & Shout - Live
Straight Through The Heart
Strange Highways
Sunset Superman
The Last In Line
Time To Burn
We Rock
When A Woman Cries
Wild One

The Complete (100% Correct) List Of All of Ronnie's Singles can be found HERE

This is a Simple Basic List:

Holy Diver
-Holy Diver / Evil Eyes
-Rainbow In The Dark
-Stand Up & Shout {Live}
The Last In Line
-We Rock / One Night In The City
-The Last In Line
-I Speed At Night
Sacred Heart
-Rock & Roll Children
-Hungry For Heaven
-Like The Beat Of A Heart {Live}
-King Of Rock & Roll
Intermission / Iron Eagle
-Time To Burn
-Hide In The Rainbow
Dream Evil
-I Could Have Been A Dreamer
-Sunset Superman
-All The Fools Sailed Away / Overlove
-When A Woman Cries
-Night People
Lock Up The Wolves
-Hey Angel
-Wild One
-Born On The Sun
Strange Highways
-Jesus, Mary, & The Holy Ghost
Angry Machines
-Black (Was A Planned Release But Was Cancelled)
Killing The Dragon
-Push (Released as a music video on the Special Edition KTD)