Ronnie James Dio Interview
Half Hour Radio Interview
March 2001

"The Voice of Heavy Metal"

Talks About Everything

Ronnie gets His Star on The RockWalk of Fame (WMV)

The D.J. painKiller Show September 20, 2007 (27 minutes)

Dio MP3 AuDIO Interview and web page text April 27th 2006

Ronnie James Dio Telephone Interview ~ by Scot Clayton

Ronnie on the name Heaven and Hell rather than Black Sabbath (WMV)

KSAN - April 4, 2004 - Lamont & Tonelli talk with RJD (.mp3 - 5 minutes)

Ronnie talks with Hairball John about the HOLY DIVER LIVE tour-June 26, 2005

Master of The Moon - Electric Basement Special (33kbps) Low Speed (177 kbps) High Speed


   Interview with National Hockey Radio PLAY (15 minutes) DOWNLOAD (27 megs) Jan. 2004

  Ronnie Talks with Eddie Trunk about how his music is being used in movies.

 Eddie Trunk Mid-KTD Tour & Pre-KTD & May 30, 2003 & MOTM Tour Sept 17, 2004

Eddie Trunk March 3rd 2007 & EddieTrunk NYC After H&H Show March 30, 2007

Ronnie Talks with Eddie Trunk about his thumb accident, and Jimmy Bain leaving Dio and Jeff Pilson joining, and Craig’s recent return, and the new 2004 recording, the summer tour, and the bad things that Vivian has said about him, and the new Sacred Heart DVD and more. 25 minutes ~ March 2004

     Rockline  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 / H&H-April 11, 2007 / H&H-Oct 10, 2007

   Gong Radio Show

6/11/2003 - Ronnie James Dio

Ronnie Invents The ‘HORNS’ 7 Meg Download

Ronnie Explains his Accident when his thumb was cut off

Ronnie Explains the meaning behind Holy Diver - ViDIO - HIGH SPEED & LOW SPEED

VH1 March 17, 2004 Video Interview about being a singer + The ‘Mystery’ music video High Speed & Low Speed

Doug Aldrich Interview May 3rd, 2003 (about joining WhiteSnake & Leaving DIO)

WLPX-FM Interview 10-9-1980 Done Before Sabbath's Infamous 'Riot Show'

Interview with Ronnie & Craig - Swedish TV Summer 1999 (Norrk–ping)

DIO interview March 8,2007 with Pat Martin (98 Rock) Sacramento, CA

Arrow Rock Festival Interview 2006 video High Speed full interview

Arrow Rock Festival Interview 2006 video Low Speed shorter

•Allan Handelman talk show transcript in Real Audio
•June 9, 2002 at start of KTD Tour Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

•Allan Handelman talk show transcript in Real Audio
•Feb 4 2001 Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

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MTV2 Interview w/Music Clips - August 2, 2003

Click H E R E for The Dream Evil release interview

Sound track Interview From Little Nicky on DVD

Tracy G Interview (talks about leaving DIO)

Ballad Of Dio (song by TenaciousD) Lyrics

10-25-04 RONNY JAMES DIO.mp3

Holy Diver Era Unknown Interview

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

DIO - Pinkpop Festival
Geleen Netherlands - June 11, 1984

ViDIO Tour of Ronnie’s Home

DREAM EVIL Era Interview

Japan Inferno Interview

KLOS-STAR Interview

May 2006 Interview


Metal Express

Rolling Stone

April 27th, 2006

DIO With Deep Purple in Stockholm:
Sitting In A Dream
Love Is All

Fever Dreams

Rainbow In The Dark

Smoke On The Water


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