This page is designed to give you a link to help topics that will assist you with the new DIO CHAT.

There are 2 Completely Different Chats available in the NEW SECTION on the bottom of the front page. Both chats work together with users seeing the same chat text when using either the Java Chat or the Flash Chat. You need to decide which one will work best for you. First of all you need a browser that will work.

The JAVA CHAT is the full featured module. In order to use this, you must have JAVA turned on in your browser.
Then you need to see if you have the proper version of JAVA that will work. If you are using a newer browser with JAVA already turned on, chances are that you will not have any problems. But to be sure, here is a link to test this:


To run the chat applet, a user must have Java version of at least 1.1.x.

You also with get best results with a faster machine. This chat will work fine for both Macs & PC's.
In case you are not able to use the JAVA CHAT, I have provided a FLASH CHAT that will work for most everyone. This one will work better for people on dial-up too. However, the FLASH CHAT does not have as many features as the JAVA CHAT. The chat will function in the same way, and you can still interact with anyone in the JAVA module, just some features will be missing. You can see what is there in both versions in the links below.

To enter the chat you will need to obtain a password first. Just check the checkbox and then type in your user name & password and enter. If you forget it, there is a password retrieval form that you can use. However remember that this chat is still subject to the same rules that you abide to in the posting area, and moderators will be observing. If anyone has any problem with someone in chat, please advise a MOD A.S.A.P.

People who want to use the chat must get a user name & password. This is so others using the chat are able to know to who they are having the chat with. There are no rules or limits except to be nice to each other. Hopefully, this will not have to be modified. Additional rooms will be added so you can choose a room with your own friends, or you can use the features to make a private room that only you and who you advise of it's name will be able to access. User preferences will hold once you set them. Details in the help files.

Suggestions will be appreciated, but might not be possible to implement right aaway, but might be added later as the chat evolves. I am thinking about adding real time voice and video ability, so feedback on this will be important if you think that you will find it useful. Currently, there are sounds and emotions and avatars and banners. If you are able to contribute to donating any nice additions, I am sure that all users would appreciate this. I would like to have enough to change things around occasionally to keep from becoming stale. The banners will rotate and we can have 100 of them which will open a URL when clicked. I would rather not use any advertisements, however a friendly web site is welcome. The sounds and banners are not available in the FLASH CHAT. Using the FLASH CHAT requires you have that FLASH installed on your machine. This is a FREE download available HERE:

So rather than go on any more, I am placing the help links here for you to investigate. Any questions can be posted in this thread, or sent to me personally in a PM or to emailed to me at: [email protected]
These Help Files are also available from within the chat interface itself.




Have Fun and enjoy this new feature of The DIO MESSAGE BOARD