"On May 20 and 21, 1985, 40 artists from the metal community gathered at A&M Records Studios to participate in the making of a record called "Stars," as a part of a very special project known as Hear 'N Aid.  The "Stars" single and a video documentary on the making of the record was used to raise money for famine relief efforts in Africa and around the world. These 40 artists, along with hundreds of other volunteers, donated their time and talent over four months to make Hear 'N Aid a reality. "Stars" is a plea for unity in the fight against world hunger."

Well that was almost 18 years ago and it seems like it was just yesterday that I ran out and bought this on tape. At the time it had allot of my favorite metal artists on there including: Vince Neil and Mick Mars from Motley Crue, Blackie Lawless and Chris Holmes from WASP, George Lynch and Don Dokken from surprise surprise - Dokken, Kevin DuBrow of Quiet Riot, Rob Halford of Judas Priest, Geoff Tate of Queensryche, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ronnie James Dio and MANY MANY others. See how many "stars" you recognize in this photo!

Hear 'N Aid
1. Hear 'N Aid: Stars (extended version)
2. Accept: Up To The Limit (live)
3. Motorhead: On The Road (live)
4. Rush: Distant Early Warning (live)
5. Kiss: Heaven's On Fire (live)
6. Jimi Hendrix: Can You See Me (previously unreleased)
7. Dio: Hungry For Heaven (live)
8. Y&T: Go For The Throat
9. Scorpions: The Zoo (live)

?TOMMY ALDRIDGE backing vocals
DAVID ALFORD backing vocals
CARMINE APPICE backing vocals
VINNIE APPICE drums, backing vocals
JIMMY BAIN bass, backing vocals
FRANKIE BANALI drums, backing vocals
ERIC BLOOM lead vocals
MICK BROWN backing vocals
VIVIAN CAMPBELL guitar, backing vocals
CARLOS CAVAZO guitar, backing vocals
AMIR DERAKH backing vocals
RONNIE JAMES DIO lead vocals
DON DOKKEN lead vocals
KEVIN DUBROW lead vocals
BRAD GILLIS guitar, backing vocals
CRAIG GOLDIE guitar, backing vocals
CHRIS HAGER backing vocals
ROB HALFORD lead vocals
CHRIS HOLMES backing vocals
BLACKIE LAWLESS backing vocals
GEORGE LYNCH guitar, backing vocals
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN guitar, backing vocals
MICK MARS guitar, backing vocals
DAVE MENIKETTI lead vocals
DAVE MURRAY guitar melody lines, backing vocals
VINCE NEIL backing vocals
TED NUGENT backing vocals
EDDIE OJEDA guitar, backing vocals
JEFF PILSON backing vocals
DONALD "BUCK DHARMA" ROESER guitar, backing vocals
DAVID ST. HUBBINS backing vocals
RUDY SARZO backing vocals
CLAUDE SCHNELL keyboards, backing vocals
NEIL SCHON guitar, backing vocals
PAUL SHORTINO lead vocals
DEREK SMALLS backing vocals
ADRIAN SMITH guitar melody lines, backing vocals
MARK STEIN vocals, backing vocals
GEOFF TATE lead vocals
MATT THORR backing vocals

These are from bands like :
* Blue Oyster Cult
* Dio
* Dokken
* Giuffria
* Iron Maiden
* Journey
* Judas Priest
* King Cobra
* Motley Crue
* Night Ranger
* Queensryche
* Quiet Riot
* Rough Cutt
* Spinal Tap
* Twisted Sister
* Vanilla Fudge
* W.A.S.P.
* Y&T  

The guitar solos were played like this :

1. Graig Goldy/ Eddie Ojeda
2. Vivian Campbell/ Brad Gillis
3. Neal Schon/ George Lynch
4. Yngwie Malmsteen/ Vivian Campbell
5. George Lynch/ Carlos Cavazo
6. Brad Gillis/ Craig Goldy/ Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser

Various Artists - Stars

Ronnie James Dio
: Who cries for the children? I do
Dave Meniketti: Some time in the night when
                         you're feeling the cold

Ronnie James Dio: Take a look at the sky above you
Rob Halford: Those are faces in the light
                     if the story were told

Ronnie James Dio: They are calling you, calling you
Ronnie James Dio: We are magic in the night
Kevin DuBrow: We are shadow we are light
Dave Meniketti: We are forever you and I

(Vocals: Rob Halford)
We're stars. We're stars.

Eric Bloom: We can be strong we are fire and stone
Paul Shortino: And we all want to touch a rainbow
Geoff Tate: But singers and songs will never change it
, so we are calling you, calling you
Don Dokken: We're the beating of a heart, the
                     beginning, we're the start

Paul Shortino: Forever we will shine

Paul Shortino, Don Dokken, RJD & Geoff Tate
We're stars. We're stars. We're stars. We're stars.

Kevin DuBrow: We are magic in the night
Rob Halford: We are shadow we are light
Geoff Tate: We are forever you and I

(Vocals: Dave Meniketti, Eric Bloom, Rob Halford)
We're stars. We're stars. We're stars. We're stars.

Adrian Smith and Dave Murray
Guitar Solos:
Craig Goldy, Vivian Campbell,
Brad Gillis, Neal Schon,
George Lynch, Yngwie Malmsteen,
Vivian Campbell, Eddie Ojeda,
George Lynch, Carlos Cavazo,
Brad Gillis, and Donald Roeser.