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using the Messenger

This help file contains most of the information that you may require to make use of the functions available in the Chat Blazer Messenger client applet.

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Messenger Login

When the Messenger client is first launched, it will attempt to connect to the chat server. Once connection is successfully made, the login screen will appear.

Type your Login Name and Password to login to the Messenger. You must first be a registered member of the chat site. After you log in, you will be shown the main interface of the Messenger client.


Main Interface

The main interface of the Messenger client is where you will interact with most of the functions of the client.

Each component of the interface is described below.

Component Description
Current Status Text Properties Displays the current online status of the user. A user can set his online status with the list box. An "invisible" status means that the user appears offline to his buddies.The Settings window is described below.You can only add registered members of the chat site.
Login Name

Displays login name of user.

Online / Not Online Panel A user's buddy list is categorized into 2 lists in the main interface, those who are online and those who are not.
Send Message Sends a private message to a user who is online.
Start Chat Starts a chat session with another user who is online. This actually sends a request to the target user and the target user can choose to accept or reject the chat request.
Get Profile Obtains a buddy's profile. The target does not need to be online.
Delete Buddy Deletes a buddy from your list. A buddy delete occurs both ways, the target is removed from your buddy list and you are also removed from the target's buddy list.
Help / Status Bar Displays context help for buttons as well as results of any commands performed.
Settings Change your personal Messenger settings and profile.
Add Buddy Adds a user to your buddy list.
Logout Logout of the Messenger client. If you want to appear offline but want to continue using the client, set your status to "Invisible".


Settings Window

The Settings window has 3 panel tabs, "Options", "My Profile" and "About". Once you have set your options and profile in their respective tabs, you can click "Save" to store the information to the database. This information will be restored the next time you login.

Component Description
Display alerts when buddies log in If enabled, this will cause a window alert to appear whenever one of your buddies log in.
Accept incoming messages when I am away / busy

Determines if you messages appear automatically when your status is set to "Away" or "Busy". If this is disabled, messages will be discarded when your status either of the two as mentioned.

Accept chat requests when I am away / busy Determines if you are prompt to accept chat requests when your status is set to "Away" or "Busy". If this is disabled, chat requests are automatically rejected.
Indicate 'Away' when I am inactive for X minutes Automatically sets your status to "Away" after a lapse of inactivity.
Audio Alerts  
Buddy logs in Sound to play when one of your buddies logs in.
Incoming message / chat request Sound to play when a message or chat request arrives.

The "My Profile" tab allows you to key in your personal information. This information can be retrieved by your buddies.


Last update: 22 July 2004