Ruisrock Finland July 6, 2003

Sunday's main attraction for the Heavy Metal people in the audience was most definitely the performance of legendary shouter Ronnie James Dio and his band. The man might be not a youngster, but he can still belt out with the best of 'em...hell, he is one of the best!

The Dio set wasn't a typical "festival" set with the hits and famous songs. Instead the band played less known album tracks like "I Speed At Night", "Straight Through The Heart" and recent material which is probably not too familiar to many people outside the hard core Dio fanbase. The more melodic eighties' hits weren't in the set, with the exception of "Rainbow In The Dark", which got a great response. I was quite disappointed, and it didn't help that they had to have a drum solo and a guitar solo in a 60-minute set. I would have preferred a couple of good songs instead of those. I guess the Dio fans were quite pleased with the heavy rocking set though, and to be fair, tracks like "Dream Evil", "Holy Diver" and "Stand Up And Shout" sounded okay to these ears too.

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